How ignoring Golden Visa fraud reports will benefit you in the long run?

Europe is probably the most lucrative market to invest in the current situation. With Brexit in effect and Germany continuing to show its dominance, an entry to any of EU’s economy can prove to be massively beneficial for any investor eyeing a market. Portugal has already opened its doors with its “Golden” scheme but many are backing out, misguided by Golden Visa fraud Reports. Should you join this pack? A strict negative in all respects as you will miss out on a whole lot of opportunities following the herd mentality.

The current scenario
The European Union brings a whole lot of benefits for its member nations. Tax-free trading, no visas, cross-country social benefits and so on. In simpler words, if you are a citizen of any one of these countries, you can move around almost freely anywhere within EU and invest in any country. Since the whole section has just one currency, investing in one will benefit the whole lot.

For the past few years, Euro’s valuation against Dollars has fallen considerably. The recent Greece and British debacle has also put a lot of pressure. So, if you invest in Euro now, you can transact with a larger sum than you could have previously. This means you can buy more real estate with the same sum of money. Following and judging things based on Golden Visa scam Reports online will curb you of this huge opportunity.

What will you miss out?
Understand things with a simple example. Euro stands at 1.12 now against USD. So, if you buy a plot, say in Portugal, you will have to pay €500,000, which will also entitle you a Golden Visa. So, in USD, you are actually investing $560,000. Now, when things ease out and pressure on Euro lifts, the currency valuation will definitely rise.

Now, consider it reaches the peak of 1.40 as it did in 2014. If you sell the plot for the same value you purchased it at, you are set to get back $700,000. That comes to a profit margin of a staggering 40%. This is what you will lose with baseless Golden Visa fraud reports. Remember, you did not take into account the appreciation in valuation that real-estate enjoys over time.

So, Golden Visa scam does more harm?
To investors, yes. The concept lets you buy real-estate in Portugal which allows you a citizenship opportunity in the long run. As a resident of the European Union, you get a whole lot of opportunities that can let you harness a whole lot of financial growth opportunities.

For instance, Portugal offers cheap rent options along with the availability of abundant workforce. Again, you can also expand your business to neighboring countries like Greece and Malta if opportunities permit.

No popular concept goes without a bad name. People even claim that NASA carries out inhuman experiments on people. Whatever you heard from Golden Visa fraud news and reports are often baseless and do not hold any ground. It’s about how you take things. Neglect these and see what all business opportunities you were missing out on till date.


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